Festive Frames

Festive Frames is a new initiative from Powai Bengali Welfare Association being launched during Durga Puja 2016. The Powai Durga Puja, now in its eleventh year, has expanded its boundaries well beyond that of a religious celebration. Today it is a socio-cultural confluence where masses gather in lakhs for the weeklong festivities. Without losing any of its devotional fervor, the event showcases minds and talents alike through its initiatives like the CEO walk which connects the biggest corporate names, or empowering women through Mission Swayam Siddha or even bringing to Mumbai the traditional Bengal with its Dhamsa Madal, the Chhaau naach and the Jatra format. The Puja is also famed for the grandeur in the creation of pandals, the deity, the lighting and the décor. The soul of the festivities, however, is lent to it by the devotees, coming from far and beyond for a darshan, for partaking of the delicious bhog and enjoying the cultural evenings.

It goes without saying then in a celebration of such scale, moments are born, some of which are captured in our lenses and the missed ones, in our memories. We make an effort to create and relive these moments through our new launch, an online photography competition: FESTIVE FRAMES.

Award Categories:
· Popular Choice

· Jury Choice

Launch date: 2nd October
Contest duration: 2nd October till the midnight of 11th October


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