Durga Puja - Maha Ashtami

Durga Puja – Maha Ashtami

This is the eighth day of Navratri and one of the most auspicious days of the puja when AshtaShakti or 8 forms of the Goddess are worshipped. This is a day when most people take out time to offer pushpanjali post the Mahashtami puja . In the evening, traditional dhunuchi naach is performed on the puja grounds, following tradition.

1 Maha ASHTAMI pujo starts 08:00 AM
2 Pushpanjali starts 10:30 AM
3 Pushpanjali Ends 12:00 PM
4 Maa’er Bhog Aroti / Nibedon starts 01:00 PM
5 Maa’er Bhog Nibedon ends 02:00 PM
11 Maa’er Shitoli Bhog 08:00 PM
12 Shondhya Aaroti starts 08:00 PM
6 Shondhi Pujo starts. 11:25 PM
7 Shondhi Pujo Pushpanjali 11:50 PM
8 Shondhi Pujo Ends 12:13 AM


Oct 13 2021


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