Durga Puja – Panchami

Panchami – Bodhon – This is the invocation where the idol is unveiled amidst chants, uludhwani , conch shells, the sonorous beats of dhaa.

The pujo is inaugurated on Panchami with the blessings of elders, following tradition. Senior citizens are invited to share their many pujo memories from across the years and also , importantly, to pass on the significance of the ancient rites, the folklore or history associated with their origins, unique rituals, the specific food made specifically for pujo – all of which are an integral part of the Durga Puja experience and will soon be forgotten but for these reminders .

Anondomela – Puja is all about getting together and good times and when Bengalis combine these – food has play a lead role. Anondomela combines the tradition of whipping up some gourmet dishes set aside especially for Durga Puja with some fun community activities. On this day, the entire pujo grounds becomes a food fest with participating members each presenting a dish in the stalls- ranging from traditional anondo narus, pays, mishit to much loved Bengali favourites like Kosha Mangsho, Biriyani, Kababs, Paturi.

No Functions On Panchami


Oct 10 2021


All Day

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